Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free weight loss plan for everybody

First we all have to understand why we should not be over weighted. A over weighted man or woman may be attacked by various diseases; over weight decreases working ability and many more.

We should start thinking about our weight loss plan from younger age. When we are 18+ must have diet plan. Walking or participating any sports regularly may help to stop over weight. A proper mixing of diet is very necessary - only protein is not enough, vegetable is must, average 6 to 8 glasses of water to drink everyday. A good routine is also needed for better health.

If sometime happen different such as you have eaten more protein, you should do more exercise than other days. This is a natural system to avoid over weighted.

After marriage our diet and exercise routine must be changed to lose extra weight.
Maximum people get over weighted this time. So, be careful.

After 40 again our diet and working exercise must be changed. Avoid protein as well as cholesterol. Which food contain more cholesterol we have to calculate and then to eat.  

These are free natural method which is helpful for better lifestyle.    


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